The Bucket list

It’s been done before, and better than I have, but here’s v.1!

  1. Share the view with Christ the Redeemer
  2. Bungy jump over Queenstown,NZ
  3. Play soccer on the streets of Buenos Aires
  4. Hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
  5. Sun set over the Pyramids
  6. Climb through the dust and heat to the Acropolis
  7. Read Northern Lights illuminated by the Northern Lights
  8. Share maté on the Pampas
  9. Fly over the Nazca Lines
  10. Drive Route 66
  11. Climb all over Teotihuacan
  12. Sample the freshest curries in Delhi
  13. Take in Everest from Tibet
  14. Find inner peace in Bhutan
  15. Make a blossom angel in Kyoto
  16. Swim with the fished on the Great Barrier Reef
  17. Go to the bakery at 5am in small town Bavaria
  18. Cross the road in Hanoi
  19. Choke on flies at Uluru
  20. Cheer a test match in Cape Town
  21. Gobble everything Cork’s English Market has to offer
  22. Attend an All-Ireland Hurling final
  23. Dine at Noma
  24. Ice swimming in Russia
  25. A cold Singha beer on my first night in Bangkok
  26. Hear the roar at Camp Nou
  27. Find Berlin’s best Döner Kebab
  28. Find Thailand’s best Pad Thai
  29. Glimpse the mighty Mekong
  30. Hobbit hunting in the Waikato
  31. Descend into the Serenghetti
  32. Appreciate living in New Zealand more
  33. Sample everything Day of the Dead has to offer in Oaxaca
  34. Hum movie theme tunes around Petra
  35. Sunrise at Angkor Wat
  36. Learn to meditate with Buddhist monks
  37. Recuperate in Cusco for a few days
  38. Embrace terror in the Devils Pool, Victoria Falls
  39. Soak up Polynesian culture in Tonga
  40. Munch coca leaves whilst ascending the Andes
  41. Be in the room for the birth of my first child
  42. Smell the souk
  43. Quit my job
  44. Get lost in rural China
  45. Live somewhere I don’t speak the language (yet)
  46. Insect dodging in the Amazon

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