¡Viva Mexico City!

Massive flag! Seriously, every central square of every capital should have a massive flag. Epic.

We landed into Mexico City out of the morning darkness with a thump. With South America behind us we were excited to be looking forward to the next stage of the journey.

And what a city to start with! 20 million people are crammed into the beating heart of the nation, home to the Aztecs, cheap street food, and more cultural and historical buildings than you can shake a stick it.

The Cathedral seen from the ruins of Templo Meyor, Tenochtitlan 

Crawling into the city centre at 6am after a late-night flight, we arrived to the most enormous private hostel room we’d ever been in. High ceilings, two beds, a balcony, we were in heaven and could see the Zocalo (central square) with its enormous flag from our room.

Then we need to talk about the food. There are great places for street food all over the world, Bangkok and Saigon spring to mind, but Mexico city is right up there with them, fighting it out on price and deliciousness. Anywhere where a plate of 10 tacos can be had for about $6 is a place I want to be. Best of all is trawling the streets to find the different meats and flavours with which the tacos are filled.

I drool just looking at these photos.

The history in Mexico seeps up through the streets. If South America has heads rolling out from under bushes, Mexico has bones sticking out from everywhere.

Happy Skulls. Contender for worst kids movie title of the year.

The native peoples and cultures of Central America are writ large across Mexico city, and nowhere is the multi-cultural experience more evident than at Teotihuacan. I’ll go more in depth in another post, but a city which existed 1500 years ago and has home to many people of different cultures is pretty awesome in my book.

Teotihuacan, which as you can see is totally devoid of tourists who I carefully had to dodge to take this shot.

Altogether, Mexico City makes for a heady mix of everything which makes a holiday amazing. Superb museums (I recommend the Anthropology Museum), cracking food, and music which pumps out into the street from all around. You could spend your entire holiday here. Visit when you get the chance.

The centrepiece of the Anthropology Museum, from Tenochtitlan; the Aztec capital.

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