Crossing Borders: Peru to Ecuador

This was probably our second easiest crossing. Riding the Cruz del Sur bus from Peru to Ecuador made this whole process totally simple. We boarded at one of Lima’s many bus stations (just ask which is the right one at your ticket agent) and then sat back and let the stunning Pacific countryside roll past.

Northern Peru looked stunning and I would advise you take a stop and enjoy some of the opportunities to explore an area much less touristed than Southern Peru.

Back to the border, the bus pulled up at an empty building and off we hopped with passports in hand, walked to another glassy building in which we were stamped out of Peru before walking further down to another desk in the same empty building to be stamped into Ecuador.

No fuss, no mess, we were legally in Ecuador. If you ride with Cruz deal Sur as well don’t worry about the bus leaving they will wait until you pass immigration.

So yep, another easy border. Don’t forget to check that you can cross visa free, some nationalities require a visa in advance.

Enjoy all the easy border crossings around South America, and always use big bus companies to ensure a smooth transfer.


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