The 5 Stages of Waking Up in Cusco

The title says Cusco, but honestly these feeling can happen anywhere, and regularly do for me.

We all know the rush of mixed feelings which overwhelm you when you first arrive somewhere new, and after much research I’ve realised these occur in five distinct stages.

1. Bewildered confusion. Where am I? Where’s the bathroom in this hostel? When’s breakfast?! What if they had it from 4am-6am and I’ve missed it?!

2. Rising excitement. New town, new you. There’s so much to discover. Exciting things like a new supermarket, a new laundry, a new awkward location to get bus tickets from. And breakfast!!

3. Frustration and nerves. It’s too much. I’ve probably already missed breakfast, the supermarket will be on the other side of town, and Google Maps doesn’t have a bloody clue where any of these things are. In English or Spanish. Get your shit together Google Maps!

4. Acceptance. I’ve got a week here, it’s okay! I can find these things at my own leisure. Best of all the guy said that breakfast was from 7:45 so I haven’t missed anything. Might even have time to edit some photos.

5. Delight. New place, new things to see, and the euphoria of knowing that this is what you travel for. And Cusco has way more than its fair share of things to see. Right, time to have breakfast.



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