Mendoza, Argentina – Wine, Wine, Wine

Grapes still on the vine.

As you can tell from the title, there is one word which hangs over Mendoza more than any other. We made the decision to see some vineyards by bike, and in the end found our company by accident.

On a tour around Bodega Los Toneles in the town itself we happened upon a group who had were finishing off a bike tour themselves. We snapped straight into action, and found ourselves being collected the very next morning ready for wine!

Barrels aging.

The entire city is the first point in Argentina where we started to feel the draw of the Andes. Stepping off the bus at 7AM we were greeted by the sight of the Andes soaring 2kms over the town, bright orange in the glow of the day. The mountains bring a dry climate which is perfect for wine growing.

The wonderful thing about this day was the lack of pressure. Too often when taking tours you end up going on an extended sales pitch, this on the other hand was not. The company running it doesn’t advertise, instead operating through the hostels. We joined a tour moving around three stunning boutique wineries, still in the hands of their owners.

The passion these people exuded was amazing. There was real pride sparkling in the eyes of our tour guides as they talked about the effort they put into producing fine wines in small batches.

Advice on what to do with wine.

Do anything you can do around wine in Mendoza. The prices are very reasonable, and the red wine excellent. This is the home of Malbec with good reason.

Enjoy the heat and the sweat, and cook for yourself if you can, its amazing to cook for yourself with fresh bottles of local wine, mixed with fine Argentinian ingredients. We loved it.


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