Cordoba, Argentina

The only photo I have without any rain

By the time we arrived in Cordoba, I was starting to feel really tired. We picked ourselves a good hostel and got ready to relax.

One problem: they booked wrong and we had to share a room for two nights. Groan.

How wrong could I have been?! As it turned out we made friends, talked and shared information with fellow travellers. I have really enjoyed settling down and was lucky enough to find a decent carneceria and panaderia around our hostel.

With these things found, we were able to begin cooking ourselves simple meals to enjoy each day and save money.

Cordoba had a brilliant laid back vibe, which even included an hour long session of yoga and meditation on the roof. Followed by a drinking session to build the toxins back up!

If you get the chance, join the locals in drinking a cocktail of Fernet and Coke which turns out to be potent and fun.

Oh, and as far as thunderstorms go, Cordoba really put on a show for us. We had thunderstorms on 3/4 nights and they were spectacular, adding to the cool feel of the town. If you get the chance you will see amazing rivers of rainwater flowing down the drains like you have never seen before.

We loved Cordoba, go if you can!

Insides of beautiful buildings, feat. beautiful future wife.

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