Rosario, Argentina


Monument to the Argentinian Flag.

We used Rosario as a stopping off point between Buenos Aires and Cordoba. We didn’t regret it. It’s a stunningly sited river city with a small town vibe.

Walking through it, you feel you are off the tourist trail. The weather is stuffier than Buenos Aires, but we were lucky enough to have only sunny days here, allowing us to get out and about.

The Riverfront.

I can’t say we did anything especially cultural, or that we wined and dined like high rollers here, but we were lucky enough to find a city which let us relax after Buenos Aires, and to be honest it has finally made us feel like we are on holiday.

Oh, and Rosario has a very famous son. Lionel Messi. In terms of the greatest football players in history, Messi is right up there and Rosario is very proud of their most talented son.

If you have time, visit Rosario. You won’t regret the chance to relax.


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