Buenos Aires, Argentina

What a place. Crawling off a night bus at 7am we blearily wandered into town to find something to eat.

What a town!  

Plaza de Mayo

In our first day of wandering we stumbled across some stunning sights on a blue sky BA day. What’s better than a giant pink government building?!

The Obelisk, BA’s Eiffel Tower

Then there is Avienda 9 de Julio. It’s the widest street in the world and the artery of BA. It’s constantly pulsing with energy. We wandered up and down it so many times looking for food, a night out, subway stations. 

It’s an amazing street and if you only spent a couple of days in BA is recommend wandering in and out of its side streets and cafes. 

The best Parilla in BA
Purely by chance we stumbled on this place. Having been routinely overcharged on our trip this was a haven.

Packed full of locals and with a menu to suit I could have eaten here every night.

That was our first day in BA. If I wish I had known one thing it’s that the subway costs less than 50c. So yeah, take the subway. 

More details coming soon!


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