Paraty, Brazil

Every street in central Paraty is this pretty.

Well, after the hustle and bustle of Rio we were ready for something different; a tonic. We were also ready for our first Airbnb experience.

Paraty is the perfect antidote to Rio. Where Rio is hectic, packed full of people and endlessly noisy, Paraty is calm, sedate, like an old lady sitting on a deck chair admiring a view.

We stopped here for two nights; just the right amount to recover from all the walking in Rio and relax. Paraty feels a lot safer from the moment you arrive.

We stayed in the Northern part of town along Jabaquara beach. This kept us nicely away from the main tourist area and gave us access to the most beautiful little beach.


The town itself lived up to all our expectations. The food was in hearty portions with almost everything being designed for sharing. The water is cool and perfect for paddle boarding on a hot day.

We literally spent our time wandering the streets in a sort of daze, taking in everything we could and letting ourselves wander.

You’ll love the cool breeze which comes off the sea on the hottest of days. Where Rio stayed very stuffy for us, Paraty was cooling, relaxing, and a little slice of tropical paradise. If it isn’t on your Brazil itinerary already, put it on there now!

On to Sao Paulo!


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