5 feelings you have at the Dubai Mall

Floors and floors and floors.
Now I’m not normally one of have any sort of emotional or spiritual feeling while working my way through yet another shiny stone shopping orifice, but I feel that the experience of walking to and through the Dubai Mall needs discussion.

  1. Biggest mall in the world? More like longest walk.

The walk from the metro station to the mall itself seems to go on forever. Honestly it’s like wandering along a great glass test tube wondering where you are, where you are going, and whether they’ll have lunch there. You should get a certificate just for making it all the way to the end.

2.  Three floors? Pah, I’ve seen this all before!

Awash with cynicism you wander out into it, gazing around yourself like some sort of wide eyed simpleton, secure in the knowledge that you have done and seen better before.

3. Omg, its been six hours now and you haven’t seen the same shop twice.

You are starting to get desert fever now, the air conditioning has chilled you  to the bone and nothing makes sense any more. You’re pretty sure you walked past that shop before, but it was definitely a different colour last time. You are also slowly dying of thirst, and envy.

4. You cannot afford anything.

You start to realise that you clearly don’t work hard enough, because everything here costs an entire month’s salary. Why oh why are you not on $1m per year? Even a cup of coffee is making giving you nose bleeds.

5. Why is there a dinosaur in here??

So you are having a lazy day shuffling around on marble surfaces when bam out of the blue there’s a mall dinosaur standing in front of you. Not a fluffy one, or some sort of mascot, and actual flipping complete dinosaur skeleton. Supermarketets are never going to cut it again.

Mall dinosaur.
That’s the plethora of feelings I know I had while wandering the Mall. I can’t include the Dubai Fountain or the Burj Khalifa or this post might go on for a week.

What was your experience of the mall? Do polished stone surfaces do it for you?



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