Dubai: dinner with fountains.

Lamps, fountain, world’s tallest building: whats not to like in this photo.

“Oh most definitely!”

We’re sitting on a balcony eating the most delicious Thai meal while watching the Dubai Fountain erupt and fill the sky. Chatting with three members of airline cabin crew too.

As I’m learning they have to put up with the smell of farts a great deal.

I’m also learning about the small ways in which your cabin crew will get back at you if you are mean to them. I have to say their practical joking skills are top notch, you definitely need a sense of humour to work at 38,000 feet.

Pro-tip: be nice to your cabin crew. And always enrol in miles schemes before asking for upgrades!

This is the night I finally started to ‘get’ Dubai. It all started to make sense, the balance of really poor and mega rich makes it a unique city. It’s a playground for the haves and stable home for the have nots.

Dubai fountain is amazing by the way, if you are lucky enough to catch the Thriller by Michael Jackson performance you will be amazed.

Tomorrow we head for Palm Jumeirah. See you out there!


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