Melbourne: Final days

So after a couple of days of lounging in food halls and waiting patiently in a convention centre within a hotel, I’ve decided that I actually quite like Melbourne. Breaking free from the job fair let us see the city on a couple of stunning, sunny, warm days; a rare treat I’m told. Breaking free was only possible of course because of some exciting news.

Sun metaphorically setting on our time in Melbourne. OH YES!

Getting out into the city was incredible. We loved every second of wandering through Melbourne, taking a stroll up Chapel Street and enjoying the sight of shoppers rushing everywhere while we took it easy.

The reason we could take it easy was because we’d accepted jobs at a school in Shanghai, China’s largest city by population. I cannot tell you how relaxed we finally feel to have something happening at the end of our South America trip.

With that news it’s onwards and upwards, goodbye to Melbourne with big smiles, and hello to Dubai, South America and eventually Shanghai!

Happy New Year everyone, and don’t forget to follow our Instagram for the latest sights from the trip and up-to-date info.



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