Travel smart: Bose QC25s

If you asked me right now what’s the one thing I wouldn’t travel without the answer would be easy. 

Just look at how pretty they are
These little beauties changed flying forever for me. I had never really slept on a plane before I bought these going through duty free. 

Even after purchase I was sceptical about their noise cancelling power.

I popped them on on the plane plugged them in and got ready to flick the switch.

Pop. Zip. Silence.

Like, unreal silence. Uncanny. You feel the plane vibrating, sense the engines making noise, but your ears hear nothing.

My advice: if you fly lots, buy them. I often regret expensive purchases but not this one. Sleep on a long haul flight is priceless and I’ve never felt so relaxed getting off a plane. It’s crazy the difference a little less noise makes.

Join me and be amazed! They are basically like a free upgrade!


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