Backpacking Gear

I’ve been fielding a lot of questions from fans about what I use to pack for a multi-month backpacking trip such as my upcoming 6 month jaunt to South America. I’ve always wanted to start a post with that, despite it being nonsense!



First off, as you can clearly see in the picture I’ve been shopping at Kathmandu. I can recommend them from experience; my back pack survived hanging off tuk-tuks and crashing across rough ground with nary a scratch.

Pro tip: befriend someone who works at Kathmandu. There is a voucher they get for friends and family every October/November which lets you buy for cost. It’s incredible.

So I’m all about organisation, and for that reason I’ve gone and got a lot of packing cubes and stuff sacks of various sizes. The power of that being I will not have crap clothes and shoes sloshing about in my bag and generally turning into backpack vomit at every arrival.

Pro tip: Fold and roll all clothes before packing cubing them, then you can easily pull out anything without stirring up everything else.

I’m especially loving the toiletries bag they have. It is chock full of pockets and includes handy elastic to really pin your things into pockets. It appeals deeply to my inner organisation nerd and will be  plastered in toothpaste within 2 weeks of being on the road. It’s in the middle of picture. Note mirror for vanity purposes.

Pro tip: be prepared to have all your toiletries covered in toothpaste. At least it will keep them smelling fresh.

Finally, I totally take a 65L pack rather than the 40L that’s recommended round the net. I only half fill it, but the added space gives me room to manoeuvre as my possessions expand in size over the trip. Much like TVs, no one’s ever wished they had a smaller pack.

TL;DR? Here’s a bullet pointed list of the equipment I use:

  • 1 x Kathmandu 65L pack
  • 1 x Kathmandu 15L pack
  • 3 x Kathmandu packing cubes (M, L, XL)
  • 1 x waterproof stuff sack
  • 2 x Kathmandu stuff sacks
  • 1 x Puffa jacket – for warmth
  • 1 x Kathmandu bath pack
  • 1 x Kathmandu micro-fibre towel (because the future is quick-dry)
  • 1 x Kathmandu rain cover (to make my pack totally thief-proof…errrr)

Now, I will look like a camping supplies shop vomited over me, but it fulfils all my organisational needs. And by needs I mean problems.

This post 100% not sponsored by anybody. For the reasons stated in the first couple of sentences.




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