It gets real! 6 noble packing truths.

So the school year is over and it is a shock to the system. We are now unemployed and the only thing between us and the road is 4 days of rapid job interviews in Melbourne, Australia.

Now is the stage I have got wrong every single time I have ever travelled. It’s the bit I never ever think about, it is of course packing.

My mental image of travelling is what you see above. Stunning views and strange sights you could never see at home. What is forgotten follows:


  1. Where the hell do all the used socks go? They do nothing but stink out your backpack, generally get mixed in with everything else, before finally either getting thrown in the bin or lost. Smelly socks SUCK!
  2. I don’t need 12 t-shirts. Me while packing: “shit, I’m going to be away forever, better take ever wearable t-shirt I own.” Me while travelling: “don’t mind if I do wear this t-shirt 4 days in a row! Why the hell is my entire bag full of t-shirts?!”
  3. The toiletries bag never fits. Like ever. I have packed my bag what feels like a million times. The toiletries bag has fit in literally zero times. Not once have I managed to slip it in without riding my bag like it’s a rodeo bull whilst simultaneously tugging at every zipper I can grab.
  4. Packing cubes are the best idea ever… sorta. Incredible immediately after packing, sitting gloriously neat are my packing cubes. Within 3 minutes of arriving at my destination they look like I flew with a herd of hamsters with a taste for cotton living in my bag.
  5. No matter how little you put in your bag, it will be full. Not a word of a lie, I’ve put a single pair of undies into my 65 litre bag only to see it nearly burst at the seams. Backpacks are like a reverse TARDIS; no matter how big they seem they are tiny on the inside.
  6. You will forget something. It’s inevitable and it is good. I packed for holiday once and didn’t pack a single pair of trousers. That’s okay though because you can buy anything on the road, and it’s usually cheaper. And for some unknown reason the crappy $2 clothes I buy abroad always end up becoming cherished favourites I wear a million times.

Anyway, hope you all enjoy the hell of packing. What did I miss? What mistakes do you always make? Am I just particularly stupid?


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