9 Things I will miss: Appreciating New Zealand

Tongariro Crossing, New Zealand

There’s nothing like being two weeks away from the trip of a lifetime to make you appreciate just how good you’ve got it.

I live in Middle-Earth, a country thousands of people dream of visiting. I wasn’t born here, but arrived here two years ago to make a new life.

So remind me, why am I hitting the road again?

With Brazil looming on the horizon, it’s only now I totally see how good life here in NZ is.

Now I love whinging, and have whinged about heaps of things; food prices, crummy houses, and insane bureaucracy here, but leaving makes you realise just how damn good the place is.

Abel Tasman National Park, New Zealand

There’s a reason so many people want to come here and I realise now that it’s the beauty, the simplicity, and the wild.

We’ve tramped our way through landscapes I will miss because New Zealand is starting to feel like home, and that is a strange feeling.

So here are the 9 things I will miss about New Zealand.

  1. The weather. Compared to London or Ireland it is totes amazeballs
  2. The free-for-all that is driving in New Zealand. Guaranteed entertainment on every commute!
  3. The slow internet; it forces you to go and see things like Abel Tasman  National Park, or the Tongariro Crossing.
  4. Stable work; I love working in New Zealand. It’s easy to follow, everyone wants to help, and did I mention that its a hell of a lot easier to get up on sunny 25 degree days?
  5. The land. There is nowhere else I’ve been where the earth itself is so damn photogenic. Even the boring roads make you gasp at the view now and then.
  6. Eating out. I love the vibe when eating out here! It’s so unpretentious. No-one is there to eat silently whilst soaking up the ambience. Christ no! Everyone is there for the food and a good time, and it’s damn good to feel like that!
  7. Volcanos and earthquakes. Again, there’s nothing so entertaining in Ireland, the earth rarely offers up anything but rolling green hills and startling steep cliffs.
  8. The rugby. If you built an island and wanted to make it a factory for talent for one sport and one sport only, New Zealand would be that place.
  9. The Rain. Oh boy, when it rains here it’s not your common or garden drizzle, it’s roof pounding, clothes saturating, skid pan rain and it rocks! Sit indoors reading a book on a day like this with the fire lit and you are sampling what New Zealand is all about.

So I’ll miss this place, and it’s only now I realise how much I appreciate it. Thanks New Zealand! We’ll be back to live here soon… I think…

Tauranga, New Zealand

3 thoughts on “9 Things I will miss: Appreciating New Zealand

  1. You’re heading to Brazil? I was born and raised there until I graduated High School. Brazil is very different from NZ, but I think you’ll like it too. Rio is gorgeous, I’ve been there 3 times. 🙂

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