4 Stages of Preparing for South America

So, right, the last few weeks have pretty much been endless writing of school reports AND preparing for South A787px-80_-_Machu_Picchu_-_Juin_2009_-_editmerica (as well as a Job Fair for International School teaching).

What I’m starting to realise is that there have been 4 distinct stages of getting ready to go. They are as follows:


HOLY GOD I JUST SPENT WAY TOO MUCH MONEY, BUT I’M GOING SOMEWHERE NEW. What follows is deep breathing, listening to endless Spotify playlists of Latin music, and reading Lonely Planet like 5,000 times. Even a change of computer background to Machu Picchu, BECAUSE SOUTH AMERICA.

2. The Long Wait

Okay! Six months until T-Day. Four months to go! Only two months now. Then finally, with six weeks to go, time crawls to a standstill. Every working day lasts a week or possibly more. The bloody clock isn’t working, and every task you try to complete involves far too much movement to be worth doing. Menial jobs are starting to be fun. When will this endless purgatory end!!

3. The Fear

Oh. Sh*t. I just quit work. Why did I just quit work?? It pays so well, it’s so comfortable; what’s not to like. OH, and remember that trip to Southeast Asia? How great was that? So safe and warm. Oh lord the food was delightful too. Why didn’t I just book six months in Thailand? Jumping Jack Flash, another tourist mugging…

4. The Reality

Woohoo, doing what I do best. Looking endlessly at Airbnb, Googling everything even vaguely related to South America. Reading every book about the topic which comes to hand. This is more bloody like it! Death comes on swift wings who never get up off their arse and hit the road!


We’ll see you on the trails of South America. Big shout out if anyone wants to hike to Choquequirao with us!


One thought on “4 Stages of Preparing for South America

  1. You’re going to love South America! The people are friendly, the landscape beautiful (even if you experience altitude sickness at Dead Woman’s Pass on the hike to Macchu Picchu like I did, it’s totally worth it!), and the food delicious! Enjoy your trip!!

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