Thailand: the place, the food, the people.

I want to live in Thailand. Its a theme of my blogs, my social media, everything. I can’t claim to understand it, or know Thailand any better than anyone who has spent more than a week there, but my thirst for the place doesn’t limit itself to acting cool.

Just look at this! I want this in my life.

As I’ve said before, I was not looking forward to visiting Thailand one little bit, until I saw Wat Arun and was suddenly thrown headfirst into a washing machine of emotion. I tried everything. Telling myself it was smelly, scary, poorly developed in places. Now I recognise that that is exactly what I want! I mean, just look at this:

Mmmm, busy roads.
Mmmm, busy roads.

Or at this:

Aaaaaah, peaceful serenity.

Hey look, I’m sure there are lots of equally alluring countries, and I’m definitely not saying that Thailand is for everyone. But for me it’s spot on. Culturally fascinating, but at the same time comfortably familiar. What could be better than that?

Good grief I hope those International School jobs come through. Please. Pretty Please? Oh alright, one more picture.

Visual metaphor!
Visual metaphor!

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