Waiting to travel; frustration, anxiety, and dealing with it.

Right, so I’m beginning to fear I’m going mad. I know why, I know how to fix it, and there is absolutely nothing I can do.

So I’ve been through the 5 stages of booking your tickets (see post later this week), had the injections, planned a route, and now I’m left to sit and wait while I work and build up money.

I’ve even planned what I’m going to read, such is my attention to the minutiae of my trips, and still I’m left with the sense that there is nothing to do. Bolivar: The Epic Life of the Man Who Liberated South America by Maria Arana; in case you were wondering.

Now I am a lucky man. I work what may be the most rewarding job in the world (Primary School Teacher) and it certainly makes the weeks fly past. It is tough, but rewarding, and truly few things match the light switching on in your learners eyes.

Nonetheless, I’m just filled with this desperate urge to go, to be on the road, on the plane, out of here with three months still to wait. When it comes to queues I can quite happily stand for the most inordinate amounts of time, but when it comes to long term waiting, I’ve now resigned myself to the fact that I’m completely useless. I want to goooooo. I wanna go noooooow.

I’m wondering what you guys do to deal with the anticipation?

However much I try to tell myself I shouldn’t wish time away, or that I should savour being here in New Zealand, a dream destination for many, it doesn’t work. The knowledge that the journey begins is amazing and infinitely frustrating at the same time.

The only thing I can compare it to is trying to use your tongue to pick those shards of popcorn that get stuck between your gums. It’s an amazing feeling, but it never ends!!

So yeah, tips, advice, suggestions to make time go faster would be very much appreciated.


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