Travel plans

A title there for all you lovers of ominous sounding blog posts. 

So with the help of my little red friend here:

…and a very kindly loaned credit card, I’m delighted to announce that this travel blog (which has seen very little travel) is finally hitting the road!!

South America here we come. I just booked the first one way ticket of my life (to Rio) and now I couldn’t more excited.

The world and society (especially in the West) tells us that the ultimate goal is to settle down, buy everything we ever wanted and have children; on top of a nice 9-5 job.

We never thought we would have the balls to make this decision, but it’s the best one I ever did. A massive weight is already lifted from my shoulders.

Yes it will be hard, yes it will be unglamorous, but by heck it’s gonna be tonnes of fun! And there will be photos, and at last Ineluctable will be full of what it was designed for.

Tastes, trips, thoughts. See you on the road.


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