Food for thought 

So look, I get on certain food kicks every now and again. I suspect we all do. Thai this week, Italian the next; you know how it goes!

Mexican has happened in the Ineluctable household, and by the gods it is tasty. Tacos al pastor, various salsas, the scent of achiote wafting through the house, it is heaven! I’ll post a few of my adapted recipes in the coming weeks with suitably posed and filtered food photography.

Now I’m not a man for cooking from a tin, but this lady is number one in my life right now 

La Morena refried beans

Ever present in my Mexican store cupboard, bringing me beans, chipotle and adobo when I’m feeling lazy, it is brilliant to be able to get this type of stuff in New Zealand. So a massive shout out to Tio Pablo for bringing so much of this speciality food to the New Zealand market.

Give me a few more weeks saving and I shall be buying a tortilla press from you too. 

You can check out what they have to offer here. Happy cooking!


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