Flashback Friday: Queenstown, New Zealand

So while it pours down with rain outside, I thought I’d share my favourite NZ trip so far.

Amongst the mountains of Central Otago lies the jewel in the South Island’s crown: Queenstown. 


Sunset by the Remarkables
And my god, there is something about this place which is indescribable. Queenstown may not be the biggest place, nor the wildest, but it packs that pure punch every traveller needs; unrestrained energy.

The chill wind which whistles down off the Remarkables can do nothing to dampen the internal surge you get in this place. Yes it is jam packed with some of the tourist-types everyone strives to avoid, but the biggest compliment you can pay the place is that it doesn’t make a difference.

Queenstown will make you want to do things you have never done before. You’ll surge across the lake on boats, hurtle down rivers on jets, and fling yourself from great heights because you are here in the jewel at the end of the earth.

View from the Queenstown gondola by night.
 In case you hadn’t guessed already, I did it, I did the bungy jump over the twinkle of the town below. I have never experienced anything like the buzz of the chill wind whistling in your ears as you leave the old you behind.

Let me tell you, doing something you have never done before, in a place you never thought you’d see; it changes you. You never forget.

Go to Queenstown. Make it yours.

And for goodness sake get a Fergburger!


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