To move or not to move…

Huge question. Neither I nor her know the answer to this question.

We have been living happily for 2 years now in New Zealand, and it’s a nice place. Heck, it’s a lovely place with weather to love, people to laugh with and food to savour.

My heart yearns for someone else though. Even as I sit here pondering what to do next a little bit of me screams “stay! Why would you leave a life that is settling down to nicely?!”

Then there is the other part. Is speaks options. Should we opt for:

  • Golden sand and sun in Australia
  • Green and gold in Ireland
  • Manic, eclectic, unreal Thailand

Every single one is a good idea.

Ireland is home, and lord we are going through a purple patch in the rugby, wouldn’t that be nice??

Then cosmopolitan Melbourne or Sydney, can you imagine the laid back life of Vegemite and XXXX that would await us there.

Finally, Thailand. What a place. I loved every second there on holiday. Would that holiday translate well to real life? We’ll see…


2 thoughts on “To move or not to move…

  1. Sounds like you have a tough choice! Maybe you can do all three at some point. I’d go for the one that takes you out of your comfort zone the most. I come to Thailand every year and have been living here for the last few months – it’s definitely somewhere you can call home


    1. So hard! We literally have agonised over it so hard, and then we realised, what’s the point working endlessly for a $1.000 raise compared to letting go of your comfort zone and REALLY having an experience! Still a work in progress though!


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