Sydney, Australia

I adore Sydney. There are no two ways about it.

Sydney is an incredible city, no matter what way you come at it. It has the beaches to die for, sport to keep everyone happy, and nightlife that will leave your head pounding for days.

AND, to cap it all off you have sights like this:  

I mean come on! What’s not to love about that. 

Now I lived in London for seven years and it is a city jam packed with familiar sights (especially if you grew up watching UK news), but there is nothing as attention-grabbing as this single place. Sure Big Ben is famous, and yeah everyone knows St. Paul’s, but neither of them scream where they are from like the opera house.

It, coupled with the Harbour Bridge genuinely make you want to kick back with a cold schooner (beer) and just admire what a stupidly gorgeous city Australians have built themselves. 

Don’t even get me started on the food that goes with that beer. It’s other-worldly good! The seafood is unfamiliar and delicious at the same time, while the Asian food on offer is stunning. Easy to forget here that you are right on Asia’s doorstep.

Tl:dr version: I WANNA LIVE IN SYDNEY!


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