Living in New Zealand

New Zealand is very literally a nation of highs and lows. I moved here almost two years ago and have been marvelling at it ever since.

At it’s best, New Zealand is packed with natural beauty to take your breath away. At its worst it can be incredibly dull and seem slow paced.

All these things are put in perspective, though, when you see this:  

Te Mata Peak, Hawkes Bay

Or this:

Abel Tasman National Park

Or this

Red Crater, Tongariro

  What a place! Every single one of these is like nothing I have seen before. I’m still coming to terms with the fact that these sights are literally everywhere.

You come around a bend in the road and are confronted with the most magnificent alpine views. 

Now, it’s not perfect, the beer is largely ordinary, and the standard of driving frankly terrifying; it has taught me one thing though. Appreciate the little things, even when that is hardest.

Especially appreciate them when it seems your job is all that is stopping you seeing the entire world.


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