Flashback : Bangkok, Thailand

I’ll level with you now, I was not looking forward to visiting Southeast Asia. As a place I would want to travel it had never appeared on my radar. Then I saw this: 

Wat Arun, Bangkok

In that instant wading through crushing heat, across wildly busy city streets, and through pushy markets didn’t matter any more. In one view Bangkok changed my mind utterly.

Our first glimpse of this whopping great Wat was across Chao Phrayan river and in an instant it changed everything. No longer was I standing in a place I didn’t want to be, rather I was alive with the possibilities.

To access the temple we made our way through a bustling food market, and hopped on a ferry which cost a whopping 13 cents. It was like stepping out of the Bangkok of your imagination (packed with petty scams and dangers) and into an utterly unfamiliar world.

Now I’m not going to fill the rest of this post with things you can easily find written in greater touristic detail in other places. Instead I’ll finish on this note: Bangkok is all things to all people. 

Moments of total peaceful clarity stride hand-in-hand with real irritation. Stunning tastes and smells curl through the air with scents you have never before smelled and will never want to smell again. But through this all one truth becomes clear.

You can make this city anything you want it to be. If that means a cold German beer 50m up in the air, so be it.

Ice-cold Warsteiner above the city lights

I miss you Bangkok. 


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